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The Process

New Vehicle
1. We discuss in detail what you want. If you have a trade-in, we explain your options.

2. With your best interest in mind, we examine leasing, financing or cash purchase.

3. We quickly check pricing and availability through our extensive dealer network, and quote you a "not to exceed" price.

4. You leave a refundable deposit, and we find your vehicle. If you desire, we offer you our discounts on warranties and accessories.

5. Your new vehicle arrives at our offices. We assure that it is clean and full of gas. You sign a few papers and drive away, overjoyed with how pleasant and easy the process was.

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Even with all the new information and Internet technology, the distasteful, adversarial process of buying a new vehicle remains the same, requiring you at some point to go to the dealer. And just because you receive a good price quote does not mean you will bypass all the games and pressure to buy their multitude of overpriced accessories, undercoatings and warranties.

When you go to the dealer to buy a vehicle, weather it's on your own or through a "Costco / Autobytel" type lead sent to the Internet, fleet, or sales department, you are a retail customer. As such, you generate retail profits that pay for the dealer's personnel, showroom, advertising, financing department, and other costs.

Why go through the pressure, hassle and extraneous expense of an auto dealer?

The Better Way...

Unlike the Internet / Costco type buying services, which only contract with one dealer of each brand per area, Auto Buyers typically maintains relationships with multiple dealers for each brand, so we have access to the dealer with the lowest price at the time you buy. We bypass most of the dealer's employees by bringing volume through the "back door". These dealers would otherwise never see your business, as they generally out of your area.

This way is a win for everybody. Even though he sells at a lower price, the dealer generates additional volume, thereby increasing his discounts, incentives and allocation (his access to more vehicles to sell next year). The volume Auto Buyers brings does not negatively affect the dealers retail profits, as his local clients don't hear your word of the mouth about the "great deal" you got. Auto Buyers wins by receiving a small referral from the dealer for bring your business his way. This referral is far less than what the dealer would have to pay his staff had you come through the front door. You win because your smart choice to use Auto Buyers not only saved you lots of money, but lots of time, haggle and hassle too!

Pre-owned Vehicle
1. We discuss in detail what you want. If you have a trade-in, we explain your options.

2. We establish a budget or not-to-exceed price, and discuss financing options.

3. We locate the best choice(s) based on your criteria. We perform inspections and title/history search on the one you choose.

4. We service, clean, and deliver your vehicle with a full tank of gas. We sign necessary paperwork together, which Auto Buyers processes with the proper authorities.

5. You drive away knowing you got the best deal available without any hassle.

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The Old Way...

First you have to spend lots of time tracking it down, then on to...

The dealers - where the drama unfolds, tacky salesmen stroke your ego, lie, heap the pressure on, get you in a booth, play "if I could, would ya", and check with "their manager". You haggle and still pay too much for a vehicle that may or may not have the properly cared for, inspected, or repaired. the it's on to that fun place, "the finance office", where the heat gets turned up some more. After you are all done, they smile and thank you, and once you roll over the curb they high-five each other for getting another one.

Like the casinos, the dealer is set up to win the game. Aren't there some other choices when I'm after a used vehicle?

Private parties - who want retail price or they would have taken the much simpler route or trading-in or, with their selective memories forgot to mention that "one little bump" that had caved in the whole front end before the patched job was done, or didn't remember the slipping transmission that was the reason they were selling in the first place. Sometimes, that "great price" turns out to be a rebuilt / salvage title after it is too late.

The Better Way...

Auto Buyers Inc. will provide you very personalized service. We strive to listen, share information, and deliver what's promised. You receive the carefully handpicked, thoroughly checked out vehicle you want delivered at or below the pre-agreed price. Whether it's "o save money", "I've got no time", "I despise the process", or "I can't find it", Auto Buyers will efficiently do the work while protecting you from the all too common pitfalls and games. Relax and spend your time doing what you enjoy, skip the typical haggle, hype and hard sell -- and still spend less!